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Collections of awesome cosplays and beautiful artwork :D
if ur work is thr,is either ur cosplay/artwork is awesome or I happen to stalk u hahas


The Princess of Orb by miharu-desuu
The Princess of Orb

I was very happy with this picture as my makeup can be seen clearly.It took me alot of effort for makeup and when it can be seen properly in pictures I am absolutely happy as my effort is not wasted.
Gundam Seed and Destiny series despite being old,it is still one of my favourite yet an unhealthy series to me as I often get shot at the heart and goosebumps while seeing pictures,fanarts and even listening to the songs from it.Cagalli is one of my favourite characters thus whenever I cosplayed her,I tend to ensure I am doing her justice,the stress and effort put in to cosplay as Cagalli is more than what I put in when cosplaying the 9 muse girls
I am so in love with pictures from this set that I don't know what to do with them other than spamming.I am also waiting for more pictures from my photog.I got a feeling I will be wearing this costume over and over again as I still want to shoot this in pairs and groups.
Btw there are some backlogs i have which i had yet to upload here,just give me time and i will up them one by one,specially those from love live as i had been doing lots of love live cosplays recently

Cagalli Yula Athha CN: Komuro Miharu
photo: Cosplay Stadium

Princess in Deep Sleep by miharu-desuu
Princess in Deep Sleep

The princess' eyelashes were lowered,lips curled up,as if she was smiling.The lightness of the sunset shone on her face,causing her cheeks stull rosy,lips still red,face still vivid.She looks very beautiful,ethereal,tranquil and peaceful
Sleep well,princess.The prince will arrive and awake you with his kiss of true love

OMG It has been a while since I last updated my deviantart.Time to upload some backlogs now
But for some reasons I decided to upload this first.Always wanted to try such shot for the gown ver of Cagalli as this version is very elegant and beautiful,which will be perfect for such ethereal shot.It looked as if Cagalli fell into a deep sleep,awaiting for Athrun to give her a kiss of true love to awake her hahahaha.
The caption above some are adapted from novel,while some are come out by me lol.
Anyway desktop wallpapers are available for this picture.
reupload the picture again due to re edits

Cagalli Yula Athha CN: :iconmiharu-desuu:
photo: Cosplay Stadium
post process done by me as well
special thanks to Ojisan Cosplay for arranging the petals

This is my Promise of Love to you by miharu-desuu
This is my Promise of Love to you
"I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vows we have spoken today, our wedding day."
The highlight and romantic moments of weddings when the couple reflected their hopes for the marriage and declared their love for one another. When a man slip a ring on his wife's finger,it shows his desire to take good care of her and protect her with his love.When a woman slip a ring on her husband's finger,it shows her desire to depend on his love and care by his side and shower him with hers
Sorry for constantly spamming photos from this set as there are way alot of pictures and I love them all alot <3 I might as well as create a video or photobook hahaha
I really love how beautiful and romantic these shots turned out,really big thanks to David for having talents to create such shots.It reflected well on the love a married couple have for each other and the desire to stay together as one.
on a side note,i tweeted this picture to the director of GSD Fukuda Mitsuo,is like in his face.If he can't give a happy ending to asucaga,we can give them hahahahahaha

Athrun Zala CN: Anna-Belle Tan
Cagalli Yula Athha CN: :iconmiharu-desuu:
Photo: David Goh Fotography
Once Upon A Dream by miharu-desuu
Once Upon A Dream
The prince is here to awake the princess from her deep slumber with his kiss of love
One word to describe this picture:beautiful.However my fat and unglam face plus peeping bra just have to ruin it,so please ignore all these.
I am laying on my dress as it is really huge and long.These pictures really portray Athrun as a prince charming and Cagalli as his princess plus them in a fairy tale
As the poses are based on "Sleeping Beauty"(some might think is Snow White as well),I entitled this deviant "Once Upon A Dream"

Athrun Zala CN:Annabelle Tan
Cagalli Yula Athha CN: :iconmiharu-desuu:
Photo:David Goh Fotography
Part of your World by miharu-desuu
Part of your World
A solo picture from my GSD wedding shoot.I really love how my veil flew in this picture,many thanks goes to those behind the scenes.
If you noticed,I named every picture from my GSD wedding shoot after a Disney princess song title,I planned for it because asucaga's love story is really like a fairytale,despite obstacles.Most of you will be expecting me to title this"Let It Go",but I titled this "Part of your World" because both Athrun and Cagalli are from different nations with different ideals(even though this indecisive Athrun ended up joining Cagalli in Orb).By wearing a wedding gown and getting married to Athrun,Cagalli can finally be a part of his world and heart and vice versa,and the two of them will be in union bounded by their love.If only they really get married in the series.

Cagalli Yula Athha CN: :iconmiharu-desuu:
photo: David Goh Fotography


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Journal Entry: Mon Feb 17, 2014, 4:06 AM


I have premium membership now :3 (though is only for 3 months)
thanks to :iconflashphil: for granting me the premium membership <3 thus I decided to make use of the benefits of premium membership.
Also I had changed my username as my previous username(rollercoaster-ride) was used due to anyhow coming up with one,and I preferred people to refer me as my cosplay name(Miharu)

For cosplay wise,due to my schedules,I will only have my first photoshoot at April
Nowadays I prefer having photoshoots to going for events as when you go for photoshoots,you can at least capture the feels of the character/shot due to locations.Also during events,you might not get any photos back and even you did,their quality aren't that good(crowded people at the back,sometimes bad lighting).Also events tends to be crowded and sometimes boring,plus I prefer socializing with friends at events.

I really contradicted myself,even though I mentioned I will be taking a long cosplay break this year,I ended up have quite a number of plans for this year.Actually unlike the previous year,the number of plans I had are mostly from last year that I never get to have a photoshoot for plus characters I had already cosplayed before.

Also I really had to thank God as unexpectedly for this year,I had a few dream plans that are going to come true.Pray that these plans will ended up successfully as almost ALL cosplay groups I had been in failed,either the shoot fail or the shoot end up never happening.If these shoots never happened or fail I will really be disappointed,thus I am praying that they will have a successful wrap.Amen



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miharu-desuu's Profile Picture
Komuro Miharu
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
"May you always be filled with the fruit of your salvation-the righteous character produced in your life by Jesus Christ"
(Philippians 1:11)

yoz!!welcome to my deviantart page :) enjoy ur stay here
I am a cosplayer and an occasional "photographer"(i use my camera and mobile phone to take pictures when i feel like it so i cant consider myself one)
English OK!中文OK!日本語OK!한국어OK!

Name : Komuro Miharu
Height : 163cm
Birthday:19 November 1993
Horoscope : Scorpio
Chinese zodiac:Rooster
Blood Type : O+
Age :19
Cosplay anniversary:26 December 2009
Facebook:Miharu Komuro
Favourite anime:Katekyo Hitman Reborn,Puella Magi Madoka Magica,Gundam Seed Destiny,Love Live,Cardcaptor Sakura,Digimon,Sailormoon,SAO
Favourite music genre:JPOP,JROCK,anisong,KPOP
Favourite singers/band:Super Junior,Morning Musume

2D husbandos:Lelouch Vi Brittania,Athrun Zala,Hibari Kyoya,Tsukiyomi Ikuto,Rokudo Mukuro,Lee Syaoran,Kirito
2D waifus:Homura Akemi,Sonoda Umi,Toujou Nozomi,Nishikino Maki,Cagalli Yula Athha,Hino Rei,Tomoe Hotaru,Kinomoto Sakura,Asuna,Hoshina Utau
2D OTPs:kiritoXasuna,athrunXcagalli,shinnXstellar,mamoruXusagi,endymionXserenity,artemisXluna,lelouchXcc,euphemiaXsuzaku,syaoranXsakura,6918,8059,belXfran,homuraXmadoka,nozomiXeri,makiXnico
3D husbandos:donghae,yesung,taemin,key,d.o.,baekhyun,luhan,kris
3D waifus:tiffany,park bom,suzy,hani

Cosplay history (recos NOT counted)
KHR-Miura Haru(Casual winter)
Rozen Maiden-Kanaria
VOCALOID-Kagamine Rin(magnet)
Bleach-Hinamori Momo
K-ON-Nakano Azusa
KHR-Superbia Squalo
KHR-Chrome Dokuro(Game of Choice)
VOCALOID-Kagamine Len(national day casual)
CLANNAD-Ichinose Kotomi
VOCALOID-Hatsune Miku(sandplay)
VOCALOID-Hatsune Miku(saihate)
VOCALOID-Hatsune Miku(white dress)
D Gray Man-Lenalee Lee(Version 1)
KHR-Gokudera Hayato(Formal suit)
Rozen Maiden-Suiseiseki
VOCALOID-Hatsune Miku(world is mine)
Lucky Star-Izumi Konata(Haruhi cosplay)
Shugo Chara-Hinamori Amu
CLANNAD-Sakagami Tomoyo
Shugo Chara-Tsukiyomi Ikuto
PSG-Anarchy Panty(school uniform ver.)
PSG-Anarchy Stocking(transformation ver.)
Macross Frontier-Sheryl Nome(carddass cover ver.)
Macross Frontier-Ranka Lee(stardate ver.)
PMMM-Akemi Homura
Cardcaptor Sakura-Kinomoto Sakura(platinum ver.)
CLANNAD-Furukawa Nagisa
CLANNAD-Ibuki Fuuko
VOCALOID-Hatsune Miku(Camellia ver.)
Gundam Seed-Cagalli Yula Athha(gown ver.)
InuXboku SS-Roromiya Karuta
InuXboku SS-Shirakiin Ririchiyo(default ver.)
InuXboku SS-Shirakiin Ririchiyo(youkai ver.)
Gundam Seed Destiny-Cagalli Yula Athha(orb uniform ver.)
PMMM-Kaname Madoka
Macross Frontier-Ranka Lee(gira sama festival ver.)
K-ON-Tainaka Ritsu(don't say lazy ver.)
Chuunibyou-Takanashi Rikka(default and t shirt ver.)
Cardcaptor Sakura-Kinomoto Sakura(summer uniform ver.)
VOCALOID-Hatsune Miku(loveward)
VOCALOID-Megurine Luka(setsugetsuka)
Gundam Seed Destiny-Stellar Loussier(casual dress ver.)
PMMM-Akemi Homura(megane ver.)
Rozen Maiden-Suigintou
Gundam Seed-Cagalli Yula Athha(princess dress ver.)
Cardcaptor Sakura-Kinomoto Sakura(the sealed card ver.)
Love Live School Idol Project-Yazawa Nico(school uniform ver.)
Gundam Seed Destiny-Lacus Clyne(final plus ver.)
Love Live School Idol Project-Yazawa Nico(mogyutto love de sekkin chu ver.)
PMMM-Sakura Kyoko
Macross Frontier-Ranka Lee(Lion ver.)
Shugo Chara!-Hoshina Utau(default ver.)
Love Live School Idol Project-Yazawa Nico(bokura no live kimi to no life ver.)
Love Live School Idol Project-Yazawa Nico(wonderful rush ver.)
Love Live School Idol Project-Toujou Nozomi(uniform ver.)
Dangan Ronpa-Celestia Ludenberg
A Series of Unfortunate Events-Violet Baudelaire(novel ver.)
Digimon Adventure 02-Yagami Hikari
Love Live School Idol Project-Toujou Nozomi(dancing stars on me ver.)
Gundam Seed Destiny-Cagalli Yula Athha(wedding gown ver.)-unofficial
Love Live School Idol Project-Sonoda Umi(mogyutto ver.)
Gundam Seed Destiny-Lunamaria Hawke
Love Live School Idol Festival-Toujou Nozomi(awakened cheongsam ver.)
Love Live School Idol Festival-Minami Kotori(unawakened cheongsam ver.)
Digimon Tamers-Kato Juri
Love Live School Idol Project-Muse(all 9 of them summer uniform ver.)
Love Live School Idol Project-Kousaka Honoka(yume no tobira ver.)
Neon Genesis Evangelion-Asuka Langley Soryu(uniform ver.)
Love Live School Idol Project-Sonoda Umi(no brand girls ver.)
Love Live School Idol Festival-Yazawa Nico(awakened cheongsam ver.)
Love Live School Idol Festival-Toujou Nozomi(wedding ver.)
Love Live School Idol Festival-Minami Kotori(fairytale ver.)
Love Live School Idol Project-Sonoda Umi(bokura wa ima no naka de ver.)
Digimon Adventure Tri-Tachikawa Mimi
Love Live School Idol Festival-Koizumi Hanayo(awakened yukata ver.)
Digimon Adventure-Tachikawa Mimi

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